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The Art of Process

From the moment an animal hits the ground, proper meat handling can make the difference between a freezer full of diverse and succulent cuts or a stack of ground meat.

Join  a certified butcher to learn how to make the most of your meat—game or ranch purchased. In a commercial kitchen, we break down half an animal into the most used and sought-after cuts. These sessions are great for new hunters, as well as anyone looking to up their harvest quality and yield.


  • Steps in the first hours of a harvest to ensure best yields.

  • Prime cuts and how to make the most of them.

  • Neck, brisket, flank, shank—don't miss out on the goods.

  • Organs? Tongue? Really?

  • Sausage, charcuterie, jerky, and the art of preserving and curing meat.


Coming soon.

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